Cubase 10 Pro / Absolute 4 / Iconica Opus

Hi there -
I have now bought Cubase 10 Pro and Absolute 4.
I am finding it hard to find a list of what Steinberg VST’s /effects I DON’T now have with those purchases (note I already had Nuendo/Dorico).

For example, do I have access to Iconica Opus now? The Portico effects?
Is there anywhere I can see a list of what is Excluded from Cubase 10 Pro and Absolute 4?

Thank you!

Absolute 4 gives you all that you download for that product in Steinberg Download Assistant. Amongst other things you get the full versions of Halion 6, Groove Agent 5 and The Grand 3. A fuller list is on the product page - scroll down to “Which instruments are you interested in?”.

The only bundle that includes Iconica is Iconica Opus, which is Iconica Ensembles and Iconica Sections & Players bundled together.

The Portico effects are sold separately.