Cubase 10 Pro - ASIO not active on UMC404HD (Win10)

Cubase 10.0.30, Windows 10 Pro 1903, UMC404HD driver 4.59.0
Only ASIO drivers are Behringer and ‘generic’ installed with Cubase.

UMC Control panel buffer shows “ASIO not active” with Cubase running, so there is no sound (no meters during playback).
‘Release driver’ is checked.
Combinations of minimizing/selecting Cubase and/or changing the ASIO driver will activate the driver.

The first run after boot, I can get everything working by starting Cubase, then shifting the focus away from Cubase, then back to Cubase.
Subsequent runs are dicey, UNLESS I disconnect/reconnect the UMC404HD.

It’s like Cubase doesn’t want to ‘grab’ the ASIO driver for itself.
This problem did not occur until I had to reinstall Windows 10 and Cubase after an ill advised MBR2GPT misadventure. So now, it’s a fresh installation of everything with problems.
Only one difference sticks out, new motherboard which seems to only have USB3 on it.

ANy thoughts? (Please spare me the ‘get a real interface’ comments).


Is the Audio Device compatible with USB3? You can try to use ASIO4ALL instead of native driver.

Yes, it was working before I had to do a clean install of Windows 10 and reinstall Cubase and associated things.

ASIO4ALL does not work. Also when I upgraded to Cubase 10, ASIO4ALL and Addictive Drums do NOT play well together in 10.

EDIT: Try the simple things. Moving the interface to another USB port appears to have fixed the problem. It appears to be working fine on a USB 3.1 plug on the motherboard.
UPDATE 2: After several reboots and program restarts, the problem appears to be fixed. It should not be something as stupid as moving to another USB port, but there it is.
Mods can remove this thread, or leave it and hope it helps someone else :slight_smile: