Cubase 10 pro. Bypassed inserts

In Cubase 10.

I have one channel selected in the mixer. I clicked the little white dot to left of word ‘INSERTS’.

Little dot has now chnged color to yellow and all inserts are bypassed.

How do I get them all back on again - so they are NOT bypassed?

Clicking the little yellow dot does nothing!

If you have inserts on that channel, clicking the yellow dot should turn it blue and thus activate the inserts on again. If you dont have any inserts it should return to white if you click it.

You can also activate the inserts one by one by clicking each insert on the left side.

Thank you strummer. Yes - that is what I would expect to happen.

Sadly, in my case: no. Neither of those actions return desired outcome. Rather frustrating, to say the least.

So is this general behaviour in your DAW or is it just one channel/one porject?