Cubase 10 Pro channel strip graphics problem

I’ve noticed that since my first install of Cubase 10 using the HiDPI enabled I am seeing strange cropped windows on the channel strip GUI (default STEREO OUT and STEREO IN tracks.

If I then add an Audio track, and select the EDIT icon, the graphics appear as expected.

I am using a Multi Display set up:
DISPLAY 1 is the DELL XPS 13 Laptop screen (3200x1800)
DISPLAY 2 is a PHILIPS 227E (1920x1080)
DISPLAY 3 is also a PHILIPS 227E (1920x1080)
I am connecting the external monitors via a DELL Docking Station.

All drivers are up to date, and this anomaly is still present in the latest 10.0.10 upgrade.

Can anyone else replicate this?

Hi and welcome,

Open Window > Windows menu. Select the Channel Settings window from the list in the window. And click to Reset Layout button. The Channel Settings window will close. If you open it again, It should be fixed.

I’ve been getting this scenario very commonly in my 10.0.10 setup (since 10.X).

For some reason it randomly crops out a bunch of the channel strip options.

I open the channel the first time and it looks ok but after a few opens it looks like the attached file.

There’s no way this isn’t a bug?

OS X Sierra 10.12.6 here.


Have you ever reset the Window as mentioned above, please?

P’tit lu all…

I experiment some similar issues but only on the Stereo Output MASTER BUS channel settings window.
After following Martin.Jirsak indications on second post, it’s better:


As you could see, now I can tweak all racks, but still an issue on the top right while clicking on the second icon from right (I’m not sure of its name in english because of my french version installation of Cubase Pro 10).

How can I fix it? Thank you per advance.

Unfortunately, this icon as not really need to be here on the Master Bus…


As I mentioned above:

Thank you.

Thanks Martin yes I tried and it works temporarily.

When I open another project the same thing happens to every channel window.


Really? Even in Cubase 10.0.10? Do you use workspaces? If yes, you should update your workspaces where do you use the Channel Settings Window.

No I don’t use them.

Yes - latest Cubase Pro.

I can probably make a video of it happening between projects during the week at the studio.

Most recent one to happen to me is this:

The above method mentioned solves the problem for the current project and the current session, but even when opening the same project later on it goes all weird again and the channel strips disappear and the faders often go all stretched like this above.

This one was present in 9 and 9.5. There was a workaround by resizing Channel Settings window, but since 10, this resizing function is off.

Yes I’ve noticed general issues since 9 with the channel window as well - not remembering stuff and also doing that blowout thing where the fader area gets really wide.

10 is definitely the worst though.

Hi Guys,

Same issue here. BIG one actually. I just installed the 10.00.10 update but the thing is still broken.
The whole channel settings is messed up.
it happened “today” for the first time, after I loaded a preset (which I don´t normally do)! Maybe a hint, for what is worth it…

This is a serious bug!! I cannot do much in there, and I´m mixing a bloody record… Check the png attached… it´s sad

i already tried the reset trick, didn´t work. Am I´m missing something?

Yep mine does this kind of thing constantly even after doing any of the reset suggestions.

Same here, just discovered this and found this thread…
Saved my sanity ha.
Same issues as the previous poster …the “fix” temporarily makes the window behave as expected until I close and reopen the project then it’s back to the odd horizontally stretched faders. I created a new template that seems to open up fine each time… this is definitely odd …Steinberg any comments or fix??

Same issue since C9 and yes resize used to work but now on C10 it doesn’t. Reset channel is temporary fix (until the project is open) and have to do it on every channel type.
Steinberg please!!

This has caused the Channel Strip and EQ to become pretty much unusable for me.

I can’t even un-hide the Channel Strip most of the time, so I’m not even using it. The fader blowout thing is just ugly, but at least they still function.

I have the same issue in C10.0.15 Mac OS X 10.13.6

Any resolution?