Cubase 10 pro chord pads

Hi ,Does anyone know how to or if you can/ trigger chord pads from your midi controller, So if you press one note on the controller it corresponds to chord pad and plays a chord, or do you have to buy a pad controller and if so any recommendations would be welcome.

You can map them.
I just use my mini keyboard keys

Hi, Thanks for your reply, my problem is i don’t know how to make that happen.


Page 937 of the Cubase 10 manual ‘Playing Back Chord Pads Using Any Instrument Track’.

It’ll already respond to any midi device you have up and running. If you map it then I guess it’s a simple case of right clicking a pad. I e done it before but do t remember in detail.
Gives me an idea to make an OSC preset tonight actually

Hi Thanks, i notice all of the youtube tutorials the chord pad set up is completely different to mine im running 10 pro there is no option for the remote as shown on most of the tutorials of cubase 8 which is really annoying on my pads remote range i only have two notes coloured in blue i notice in all the tutorials the default is from C1to c2 they are all blued out Thanks

Hi all thanks went to cubase help page 937 as said by maincat in there somewhere i found what i needed. in case anyone else is a technophobe like me go to settings which is the cog wheel bottom left of the chord pads brings up, should open up to (chord pads setup) remote control,chord pad triggers,hit midi learn then change ( Pad remote range to start C1) then( pads remote range end B1) that sets the range i needed and colours it in blue I’m then able to play every not in blue which triggers a corresponding chord for the moment that enough. I think this should have been the default setup but that sometimes doesn’t work. Thanks for everyone’s help.

You’re welcome. :smiley: