Cubase 10 pro crashes at splash screen

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this. I’m pretty frustrated and looking for answers. So if this is the wrong place to post this question, please forgive me and kindly point me in the right direction, please.

Cubase pro 10.0.5 loads up and runs fine, until I install the latest version of Melodyne 4.2. In fact, even if I delete Melodyne Cubase STILL crashes at the splash screen. I have to uninstall cubase completely and reinstall it to get it to work again. I’ve reached out to Melodyne and they say it’s not on their end. I’ve reached out to Steinberg, but still haven’t received a response.

I’ve tried to move/delete araservice.bundle in the commonest folder, I’ve moved and deleted the Melodyne .vst and vst3 and nothing works. I can’t see exactly where cubase is crashing on the splash screen because the things loading go so fast, but it looks like it’s vstcontrolroom? if it’s not that, it goes a little further and crashes at rewire.

Any advice, suggestions, help would be GREATLY appreciated. I have no idea what I’m doing at this point and need all the help I can get lol.

Thanks so much for your time!

Hi and welcome,

Could you make a video screen recording and then play the video back and stop it before Cubase crashes? What is the last one you can see on the splash screen, please?

Could you attach the .crash/.dmp (depends on your system) file, please?