Cubase 10 Pro crashes on 9.5 project

Just installed Cubase 10 Pro upgrade. Encountered a number of errors but biggest concern is program crash. Attaching 2 crash dumps. Both from the same project that I last updated in 9.5.3.

Due to other issues, I’m planning to switch back to 9.5 so hopefully the crashdumps can help solve other issues.

Windows 10 with latest patches. Most recent from last Tuesday.

Cubase 64bit 2018.11.17 21.20.dmp (1.42 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2018.11.17 21.16.dmp (1.46 MB)


Please read this article. Make sure your preferences are not set this way.

are sure your eLCC application is up to date.

Do you use Auto Tune plug-in in the project? This is another source of crashes.

Hi Martin,

Many thanks for your response and will check the article you reference. The project in question does have a vocal sample that is tuned to match the root key of the project. I forgot about that. Will also look through the articles on that issue.

Presumably a fix is coming for that issue? Any idea when?



  • Good on the track color settings, per the article.

  • eLCC was at, I think. Downloaded newest and noted release is now .1240. Issue still occurs. Crash seems to happen at the same bar. Attached crashdump.

  • Common solution for auto-tune related crashes seemed to be running Cubase 10 in Win 8 compatibility mode. Issue still occurs but noted it happens when the Spitfire Audio LABS VST starts. Crash dump attached and tagged name with “LABS”.

Muted the LABS Electric Piano track and the project plays until the end!! Even the vari-audio adjusted vocal sample played correctly.

I’ll send a note to Spitfire Audio about the LABS VST.

Thanks again for the helpful response.
Cubase 64bit 2018.11.18 19.22-LABS.dmp (1.28 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2018.11.18 19.17.dmp (1.22 MB)


Both crashes are in LABS_64_Bit.

Hi Martin,

Thanks a lot. Contacted Spitfire support and they knew of the issue. Followed their repair process for the VST and the track plays fine now.

My Cubase 10 crash problem got a basic solution through my three days of hard work and repeated testing. The problem is mainly in one software: McDsp. All of the company’s plugins have collided with the existing Cubase10 and caused a sudden crash. Uninstalling my Cubase10 will now work fine. I hope that Steinberg can solve this problem in the next version. Hope can help everyone.