Cubase 10 Pro crashes

hello everyone .
I purchased a cuebase 10 pro a few monthes ago and ever since im getting crashes almost every time i run the program
im using a laptop - ASUS TUG gameing FX504 - 16G RAM and 6 cores - pretty new one
the crashes happandes on a lots of things - when rewinding a track/playing a track / cutting or even when opening project.
I dont have any plug ins and it crashes also when running a 8 track wave projects with no effects at all .
I could really use your help because Im clueless
also - the disk catch is almost always full when i rewind or play or do somthing .
it happnads also when the project is on 7400pmharddisk and also when its on my 120 GB SSD harddisk

Im cant add dump files because they are to large
please help me ! and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

Could you please attach a crash dump file(s) (located in Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder)?

zip the files and post them, maybe that helps reduce the size

right now he crueshes and doesnt make dump files … but this is old dump file with the same problem
CrashDumps.rar (599 KB)


I reported this to Steinberg.

But 2 of the crashes were in VSRUNTIME140 (Windows). Please search Google to get more informations about this error.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

hi . thanks for the help ,
i tries to look for vsruntime140 - couldnt find anything about this … i did find somethincg about vcruntime 140 witch is a dll file , i tried to download the file and use it but cubase still crashes .
i tried to boot from safemode but cubase wotn reconise the dongle on safe mode so it wont even start .
pleaseeeeeeeeeee help me !!! i baught this two month ago in a lot of money and its not working and im a music student i cant study .
it crashe even if i open 3 channel project and rewind it . crashes after one minute .
and somehow i wont get any more crash dump files


I wasn’t writing about Windows Safe Mode. Please, read the linked article about Cubase Safe Start Mode and try this.

I’m sorry for a typo. It should be VCRuntime140.dll.

ok . tried to strart cubase on safe and it still doesnt fix the problem … crashes again after one minute …


And have you tried the VCRuntime140? Microsoft Redistributable?

Is your Windows up to date? If you are using Windows 8, update to 8.1.


Could you provide a sample project, please? Any project, where does the crash happen to you. Even if it’s in any of your projects, provide one (where you prove it crashed), please.

hi i still havr downloaded the redistribute… ill do it later today…
my windows is up to date but it happrnd also before…

and it happends with every project… lets say i open two midi instruments and write a part… it happands in the middle… or while trying to hear the pat.( when clicking play)
or when putting audio file in project…
or on any loading of existing project…
and almost anything.

hi its been a while but im trying everything and nothing works . i downloaded the redistribute … still not working …

in ablelton live everything works fine…
i cant get where the problem comes from

i happands on any project . also with one channel without inserts …


Hi mor_swisa,
I am currently trying to find a repro for this which is needed to trace the problem.
Could you please attache a problematic minimalistc projct and tell us in detail which steps you took to crash it.
Then we can try to reproduce that issue here.
In the mean time I will continue to investigate and serach for a repro to make it crash myself.


I’ve been having the same problem. I just updated to Cubase Pro 10 and it crashes unexpectedly every now and then. Here are the Crash Dumps files if anybody can help me, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

My computer’s perks:
Windows 10 Pro
AMD Ryzen 5 2400G
GRaphics 360 GHz
64 bit operating system
CrashDumps.rar (956 KB)

Hi and welcome,

All these crashes come from CUbase 9.0.2. If you are on Cubase 9.0, install the latest update, please.

If you are on Cubase 10.0 and crash dump file has not been created, use Microsoft ProcDump to make a crash dump file, please.

I have no idea how to use ProcDump. And yes I use Cubase 10 Pro, I updated everything and registered everything. Can you help me understand how to use ProcDump?


I’m sorry, I’m not Windows user. I don’t know how does the tool work?

I am more than frustrated with C10 crashing every time I use it. Old projects, new projects - it just crashes all the time (after about 5 mins each time on average).

I upgraded from C8.5 which had ZERO crash issues.

I’m on Win10 and have powerful rig.

What is the solution?

I’m literally unable to do anything in C10. Can I downgrade to C8.5? Can I get a refund on C10? It is unusable.