cubase 10 pro Crossgrade from 32bit to 64bit system

I want to do a crossgrade from Sonar Platinum to Cubase 10 pro.

I been already in the shop and “ordered” cubase 10 pro crossgrade, now I’m waiting for a confirmation. I have not payed yet.

But I was thinking, my sonar platinum runs on 32bit win 10. Today I made a second partition om my sdd and Installed win 10 64bit, I found out that cubase not run on a 32bit system. Now I have a dual boot system. But when I startup win 64bit, I can not see the drive where Sonar Platinum is installed on.

And I don’t know if it was good enough to send the invoice I received of Sonar Platinum. I was hoping I can send more pictures to proof I’m the Owner of my version of Sonar Platinum. Only on the invoice stands a old adres of my, I moved end of 2017 to another city, to a bigger house with more rooms, for my synths :smiley: .

My question is, when maybe the confermation comes, can I do the crossgrade from a 32bit system to 64 bit, I don’t know if cubase 10 must see Sonar Platinum when installing it.

Or is it better to buy instead of the crossgrade, the normal version of cubase 10 pro.

Hi and welcome,

Yes, you can do this crossgrade. No worries. Cubase instalator doesn’t check any other installed application. The proof is not based on the installed application(s).

Maybe a stupid question, I’ve got confermation that the verification was succesfull for the crosgrade, but when I press on the link in the email, I come in the shop, but nothing is in a basket, must re-order cubase 10 pro crossgrade, or how does it works?

What I’m doing wrong?