Cubase 10 Pro crossgrade payment issue

Hi everyone,

Several weeks ago, during the anniversary promotion, I tried to buy and upgrade from cubase elements 10 to cubase pro 10 which was 225€ at the time.
Unfortunately and for an unknown reason, the payment was refused. I retried days later and still the same issue. I contacted the support asking what was wrong, if it was an issue on their servers or something else, and they told me that ma credit card and their servers were perfectly fine, but that for an unknown reason, my bank refused the transaction because steinberg wasn’t a “trusted site” and that as a precaution they blocked the payment (it took some time to finally get that information, because people of my bank are a bunch of idiots).

By the time I finally get my answer, the promotion was over … and I cant afford to upgrade cubase for 450€ (and yes, I need the pro version for some features on it…) . I contacted the support to know if by any chance I could still benefit from that discount and they told me that they were working on a solution for people who couldnt buy it. This was one and a half month ago.

Is anyone aware of something about that “solution” ?

If the payment was refused, it’s not my fault, and if the bank blocked it, it’s probably because something was weird in the way the transaction was going. I’m not saying that steinberg is responsable, but the customer should definitely not be impacted by that sort of thing.

Am I doomed to wait another promotion like that ? Cant they juste give discount code to people in my situation to fix it ? (I talked to some other people who had the same issue)

Thank you for your attention

Cheers, halver

Hi Halver,
i received a message today that i can get 40% off for upgrading from Elements to Pro 10 for only 269 Euro. Thats cheaper that upgrade from Cubase 6.5 to Cubase 10.

If you visit the store you will see the reduced price immediately.