Cubase 10 Pro doesn't see Kontakt

Among my other issues is I can’t find Kontakt in my VSTs – latest version of Kontakt, plays fine in Studio One, doesn’t show up either in blacklist or list of VSTs in Cubase.

Sigh. I’m beginning to think I made a mistake in buying this if it can’t play or find my instruments I paid good money for.

I have no problem with it here. Kontakt only has a VST2.4 plugin but it works properly.

A headsup, Kontakt retains the same file source that you create in the Standalone App, so install this on your Desktop, source the Instruments, and then when you open it in C10, Kontakt will have it.

I have Kontakt 6 and Kontakt 5 and both show in Cubase Pro 10.5. They work well too. Be sure that its in your VST scan path.

Okay, thanks, I needed to add the path (I searched for somewhere to do it and finally found the settings tab at the bottom of the window. I just have to get used to this interface, I guess).