Cubase 10 Pro EE

I want to buy a version for higher education institutions(Gnessin Institute. Moscow).How this version differs from the commercial version. Whether the license is perpetual.What restrictions are waiting for me. The prospect of future updates .With thanks, George.

Thank you for your interest! The education version is basically the same as the regular retail version but you are neither allowed to sell it nor are you allowed to run commercial productions with this license.
The same updates and upgrades are available as for the regular licenses. There are usually no specific education updates/upgrades.

Thank you for your exhaustive quick response!

Tell me please.Why when dragging a MIDI file from a Vsti sequencer.Multiple tracks are created.Data and exclusive soobsheniya,and not on the position of the cursor as it’s been earlier versions!In the General project settings, I didn’t find how to solve this problem.Sincerely, Georgy (Russia).

And on the forum there are owners of an educational license…How does it behave while working on the material ?Are there any restrictions or incidents?I couldn’t find owner reviews in Russia!

Technically there are no limitations. Apart from that:
1.You are not allowed to resell an educational version, unless you bought an update or upgrade to the next higher version. So if you buy 10.5, you can sell it earliest when 11.0 is out, and you updated to 11.0
2.Everything you create with an educational version must not be sold or be used commercially