Cubase 10 Pro / Export Time Bug

I wanted to report a bug that came up yesterday.
Every time I am done with editing and want to export the project, the export time is at least 5 times the normal one (since I am working with the same project tipe over and over I know). When I reboot Cubase it is back to normal speed. Any ideas what can cause this?

Windows 10 64x
Cubase Pro 10.0.50 Build 301
Diver VoiceMeeter Potato

Since I did not change ANYTHING plugin-wise and this did not occur before yesterday, I don’t think, it is necessary to include the used third party plugins but it is nothing fancy and it also occurs when I use only build-in ones. Mainly Compressor, Multiband, Limiter, EQ, Gate, that’s it

I hope anyone can help or Steinberg could fix the bug.