[Cubase 10 Pro] Expression Map visual glitch

This happens when changing expression maps in the inspector. Folding and unfolding the section fixes the issue.


It looks familiar to me. Do you have the latest Cubase 10.0.10 update installed, please?

I get this problem too on macOS Mojave.


Do you have the latest Cubase 10.0.10 installed? Is it the same when you close and reopen the tab?

Yes, I have Cubase 10.0.10.

I can confirm that the blurry text becomes clear again when you close and re-open the tab.

Very strange that the rest of the interface seems ok, but this one section goes blurry - almost like the text has been drawn/rendered 2 or 3 times over the top of the original text, but off by a few pixels.

I have an Apple Cinema Display which sometimes gives me problems, but it has always been the whole screen across all apps, not just this one small section of one app. So, I don’t think it’s my monitor.