Cubase 10 Pro - High and Low Pass don't work in the Mixer Window (PRE)

Hi! I’m new to the world of Cubase and will mostly use it for mixing. I’m getting to know it at the moment and have a (stupid?) question. Whenever i try to apply a high or low pass filter directly via the mixer window in the PRE section the value changes but there is no effect. I tried to google it and watched some guides but i’m not sure what i’m missing. I can adjust the gain in the same section without problems but the filters have no effect.

Could anyone help out? Thanks alot!

That sounds weird. I would expect you have PRE turned off, but you said the gain works. Can you post a screenshot, please? Maybe this way it is easier to understand what happens.

Edit: I think you can’t post pictures now. It is needed that you have a determinated amount of posts in the forum first, and you are just arrived. Welcome to the forum, by the way!