Cubase 10 Pro Included Extras/ Need to buy Absolute / Halion?

Hi there -
I am confused about the difference / what is included with Cubase 10 Pro, buying Absolute 4 seperately, and buying the top tier version of Halion separately. What is included and what is not in Cubase / Absolute?
If I wanted to get all of the content that Steinberg offers (the most up to date versions), what combination of products would I need to get?

I currently have Cubase 10 Pro, Nuendo 8, and WaveLab Pro.
So what should I be looking at to get the full Steinberg line from there?

Thank you

Cubase Pro and Absolute would cover everything except some of the add on “content” packs. Absolute includes HALion, Groove Agent, and others instruments (all full versions) and some “content”. Cubase includes LIGHT versions of them (i.e. HALion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE, etc.). If you wanted EVERYTHING, there’s a fair amount of content packs you would have to buy individually, such as Groove Agent styles and kits, and the Cinematique and Iconica for HALion.
Bottom line is that Cubase Pro and Absolute 4 would get you a great start and lots to work with.
Hope it helps.