Cubase 10 pro issues with Windows 10 and taskbar on top

Some of us have Windows 10 taskbar set on top instead of bottom. In that case Cubase 10 pro (patch 10.0.50) still acts strange.

Issue 1:
Hit the “Set up Window Layout” button opens configuration menu that is hidden by Windows taskbar and is partly visible.

Issue 2:
Windows 10 has this userfriendly snap-on-top feature to resize window to full hight. That feature works also for Cubase project window. But Cubase resizes it not correctly. A part on top of the project window is hidden by taskbar. Also on bottom is partly hidden. Resizing is not correct.

Hopefully those issues will be fixed someday.

Kind regards

Hi and welcome,

Reported to Steinberg CAN-25744.