Cubase 10 PRO LiVE performance


I am an avid user of CUBASE 10 PRO. :slight_smile: I am at a stage now with my D.A.W. and Instruments, that I can take my SHOW LiVE (Play in real-time to an audience). When playing a gig @ a LOCAL PUB using the IN-HOUSE P.A.System. I noticed that if their P.A.SYSTEM is MONO, or only playing one Channel of my OUTPUT mix. I loose 50% of my OUTPUT signal!

Is there a way that I can switch my OUTPUT send, to MONO with the flick of a switch? Rather than have to RE-MIX my entire SET from Stereo-to-Mono.

Cheers Audioartist. :unamused:

CUBASE 10 PRO, Steinberg UR-22MKII; Win10 PRO.

Hi and welcome,

If you are using Control Room, down in the panel, there is Stereo button. If you click on it, it switches to Mono. That’s it.

Otherwise there are plenty of plugins that can do it.

Thanks for the quick response!
I don’t use Control Room, when performing LiVE. But thanks for the TIP.
I didn’t think of routing the Output MIX through a Monofying plug-in. That will do it! Cheers.