Cubase 10 pro Live transform scales not working

in Project window, on the left hand side , under Chords, then under Live Transform, there is 3 option, Off, Chords, and scales, the chord aspect works as expected, but the scales record exactly what you play in, now its suppose to play a random selections of notes based on the scale home of the chords in the chord track, is this a bug, only iy didn’t work in 9, but did in 8


Do you have a Scale defined in the Chord Track already?

no I have used this scales on earlier versions, 8.5 was the last version I had it working on, it records exactly what I play, not randomly as it’s suppose to, the chord section works as expected, thanks for your response


I would expect, if there is no scale defined, then Cubase cannot “quantize” to a scale. What scale should be used then?

Hi, Martin, have you got the scales,working in Cubase Pro 10,
have you got it working in any other version? I had it working in version 8.5, but never got it working in version 9