Cubase 10 Pro: Native Instruments VST Showing Under OTHER Instead of "Native Instruments"

Hello! I upgraded Cubase Pro 9 to Pro 10 last evening (after much struggle, since there is no upgrade installer anymore and one has to use the full Pro 10 installer) and found that in the menu that allows adding a new VSTi track (from the Studio main menu), the tree view for various Plug-Ins does not show correct headers.

Some headers show correctly, for example, the Arturia header has all the Arturia plugins under it correctly and so does U-He…

Several other plugins are grouped together in an anonymous header called “Other” - a lot of my Native Instruments plugins end up under this header and a few others.

How can I fix these headers? Any help is much appreciated!


Try this…

Go into the VST Plug-in manager and (on the right side) add a folder and try putting them in there.

Regards :sunglasses:

… just one helpful addition on top of what Prock mentioned:

It saves time, to copy the initial plugin-grouping (with all its folders and plugins lists) into a new entry, and re-arrange the plugins there.