Cubase 10 pro never completes the installation

I currently have Cubase Pro 9.5 and just purchased Cubase Pro 10. I downloaded the Cubase 10 update and have been trying to install it but for some reason while the installer is running it get’s to the “Running package scripts…” and stalls. It never completes the installation. In the past I’ve never had problems installing.

Should I be installing the FULL VERSION or just the update when upgrading from Cubase Pro 9.5?

Any help is greatly appreciated?

FYI: I’m installing on a Mid 2010 Mac Pro with OS10.12 (Sierra).

Hi nevadaslick i had the same issue i was using cubase 9.5 tried to load 10 wouldn’t load. I was using windows 7 on PC cut a long story short I had to upgrade to windows 10 and install all the latest versions of my previous software and then it loaded,i don’t know what you need to do on a mac but upgrading to the latest of everything seems to work. goo luck.