Cubase 10 pro : no sound (installation)

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to explain my problem (I’m french so please sorry if I’m incomprehensible).

I installed Cubase 10 Pro on my computer and I use an USB keybord (M-Audio). I’ve got a USB e-licenser.

No problem but when I press a key there is no sound except a piano sound but I’m not sure it’s Helion or something sold with Cubase.

I suppose Cubase don’t find my sound card. I try a video on Youtube but it doesn’t solve my problem.

So, what can I do to give you the good informations that can help me use Cubase ?

Thank you for you help, and if the topic already exists so can you tell me where ?

Hi and welcome,

  1. What OS do you use (Windows/Mac)?
  2. What Audio Device do you own?
  3. What is the selected ASIO driver in the Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System?
  4. What is the setup in the Studio > VST Connections > Outputs?
  5. What kind of track have you created (Audio/MIDI/Instrument)?
  6. Do you want to use Cubase internal sounds (HALion Sonic SE)?

Thank you Martin Jirsak,

I just see you post.

So my replies :

  • I use Windows 10 family (64 bits)
  • Audio device (I’m not sure about the question) :
  • the sound card of my computer : Realtek High Definition Audio
  • Audiogram 6 from Yamaha
  • USB keyboard (m-Audio) : I think it changes Nothing
  • ASIO driver : Generic Low Latency ASIO driver (the other possible is : Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO)
  • outputs : 32G1WG4 (NVIDIA hi definition 1 or 2)
  • I just test Cubase but I want to begin with a midi track, with my M-AUDIO usb keyboard (or my Yamaha piano if necessary)
  • yes I want to use Cubase internal sounds (Halion Sonic SE)

I tried to press on my keyboard and saw the level bars (?) moving so I know it’s possible to play.

I just hear a piano sound but maybe it comes from Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth (I see it in : Studio Setup / Midi ports configuration / Windows midi Output : Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth → active).

I had a Motif XS8 and maybe Cubase is too complicate for me for the moment. But I want to succeed.

Thank you again…


If you want to use the sounds from Cubase, add an Instrument track and select HALion Sonic SE.

Why you are not using for Yamaha Audiogram 6 as an Audio Device? I believe that would be much easier.

If you want to use your integrated Realtek Audio Device, I would recommend to install ASIO4ALL and use this.

Yes why not Audiogram 6… but the sound is the same except that now, with Instrument track, I have the 127 gm sound (old sounds I think) and not only a piano.

I can’t paste a screen copy but it would have been easier to see my setup (an image is better than my words).

Audiogram 6 is now an audio device (for Windows) : I connected it on my computer and I can hear sounds.

I’ll download ASIO4ALL to see if there is latency too.

I think, as there is sound now, that I must begin with a video teaching first step or something like that. I believe that I have to learn bases.

Thank you for you help. I don’t want to take all your time for (very) beginner’s problems. At least I have sound and it’s important. I follow…