EDIT: I fixed the problem of the slower playback by reading and doing what is recommended. I think (I’m speculating) that when I installed and measured my Sonarworks 4 at 44.1 it took over the sample rate. Who knows? However, I can still have a different Sample Rate on my converter from the project rate sample rate and Cubase 10 pro will no longer alert me. As an aside, I was having a problem having the transport go to the left locator position when I clicked on it. If I moved closer to the locator, it snapped to it, but if I was far away, it wouldn’t budge. Don’t know if this was related to the sample rate problem.

I’ve owned Cubase from the first software issue. Whenever I have had the wrong sample rate, if I opened my Cubase project, it would alert me to the project sample rate and tell me my converter was set at a different sample rate. I would change to the correct sample rate and close the warning box. Now, none of my songs are recognizing the sample rate. I can change my converter sample rate and my RME HDSPe card recognizes the sample rate, but Cubase does not. If someone could help me understand the solution on Cubase’s end, I’d appreciate it. Songs are not playing back at 48K, the sample rate I record all my songs at. Thanks to anybody who can advise me to how I can fix this problem. Yes, my RME Hammerfall is showing as my Asio Device.

Here’s the video: