Cubase 10 Pro | Nvidia GPU Graphic bug

Hi all,

I switched from an old RX480 (ATI) to a new GPU and since I have an issue with graphic bugs in Cubase 10. They are only visual bugs, the program runs fine but it’s very weird and I can’t find the root cause. Here are some pics to illustrate what I see:

  1. When I open a project all is fine:

  2. If I move around the project this happens:

  3. If I exit full screen then it’s fine again:

  4. But on any move or actions it turned to this again:

Windows 10 Pro x64
Cubase 10 Pro
Ryzen 1700
16GB Trident Z DDR4
Asus 2080 Super Advanced

No changes have been done in windows, besides a clean reinstall of the drivers for the GPU after I swapped it (DDU in safe mode).
Any ideas how to fix this?


Same issue here and here.


Here is the fix described.

This fix worked for me, in case it’s of any help. I switched off all the features that I could…

Didn’t have to uninstall or rollback anything.