Cubase 10 Pro on Mac - Focusrite PCIE Dante Card Settings Problem

Good morning all, this is my first post so please go easy :slight_smile:

I have been using Cubase since it first came out in 1989 and am very happy indeed with it.
I have recently installed Cubase 10 Pro on a Mac (Mac Mini 2018) running OS High Sierra first, then upgraded to Mojave.
Soundcard wise I am using a Focusrite PCIE Dante card through a thunderbolt enclosure.
Works very well, super low latencies across the board ag 96khz, 128 channels.

Now I have an annoying issue in that when Cubase is started, it switches the Focusrite PCIE configuration in the Audio Devices app, so on the OS level, “Format” from 128 ch 32-bit Float 96khz to 32 ch 32-bit Float 96.0khz and then does not switch it back when I exit Cubase.
Inside of Cubase, it still recognises the full 128 channels but on the Mac side it turns the channels down to 32.

Really annoying me as I keep having to go into the Mac Audio Devices and reset this to 128ch manually every time finish with Cubase.

Btw, the way I got to this was that occasionally Cubase “identifies” a new sound card when I start up, where there hasn’t been one.
That is how I got discover that Cubase changes the sound card settings on the Mac without changing them back.

I have re-installed, trashed preferences, etc etc … am a long running/suffering Pro Tools user too so familliar with a regular need to reset preferences…

Anyone had or have had this problem ?


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