Cubase 10 Pro taking super long to load.


I have cubase pro 10 on my laptop. All my vst and plugins are located on an external drive.

Whenever I start cubase, it’ll freeze at Vst2 plugin manager, and it’ll be like that for minutes, easily 10 minutes, then it’ll move on to load other stuff and cubase will start.

What’s wrong and how do i solve this?


Most probably one (or some) of the plug-ins is/are not really optimised.

How do I know which ones are not optimised and how do I fix it?


First, I would recommend to update all of them.

Then you can remove half of them out. If the start is much faster, you know, it’s in one of the plug-in you put out. Then you can put some back, etc.

I’ve fixed the problem.

Turns out, I have sub folders in my vst location. The solution is to reduce the sub folders. I now have 1 subfolder and it loads fine.