Cubase 10 Pro unable to register, dongle mishap

I have difficulty issuing a support ticket at, so I was recommended to issue on here and be sure I would get a proper help, so will try to clearly explain my problem

  1. I purchased Cubase 10 Pro two years ago. It was an update from EDU ver 5. I registered it on my Steinberg account, moved the licence to the dongle that I had after EDU5 hard (dvd+dongle) copy - EVERYTHING WORKED GREAT!
  2. At the beginning of this year when running Cubase the e-licencer notification informed me my E dongle does not respond so I could not start it.
  3. I loggined in into my Steinberg account, learned I needed to “cancel” my present licence and run something called Zero Time.
  4. IT TURNED OUT: that my Steinberg’s USB e-licencer dongle workes perfectry, becasue it somehow was slighty removed/loosen from the USB slot whan I was doing the (stupid :slight_smile: studio vacuuming. Of course I noticed that AFTER I called for Zero Time licence on my account.
  5. I cannot registed the product again… although Cubase again works perfectly as still has its working licenced dongle.

So, what I am left for now is: perfectly working Cubase, unable to officially register it. Why I need that? For any upgrade + the possibility of purchasing upgrades. As officailly for now I tend to own NO PRODUCT to entitile me to use discounts.

My Steinberg account has all me email exchange of the ver 10 Pro purchase + I still own the copy purchase email + my dongle has the licence registered - it would not work without it.
I would LOVE to show it/send it to some support guys to prove everything is legit!

Hope I have been clear, would appreciate some advice what to do/who to contact to register the product again to open the possibilities of future support/upgrades.

Activating Steinberg Zero Downtime irrevocably disables the supposedly lost/broken dongle. This prevents a thief (or someone buying from one) from being able to upgrade your license.

The page that allows you to request Zero Downtime warns you about this pretty clearly. It also tells you to double check whether the dongle truly is broken or if it’s just poorly connected.

You’ll have to buy a new USB-eLicenser dongle and complete the Zero Downtime process: