Cubase 10 pro - what do you install

Hi , this might be a basic odd question ,

I’ve just bought a Pro 10 license and love it so far, I’m just unsure what you install from the download assistant

I’ve DL and installed the full 10.5.20 package, and all additional content / VST sound folder looks like its already installed,

is there anything else I need to install? the download assistant shows vst instruments & plugins, sounds & loops + groove agent drum kits and styles,

Do i need to install any further or are all included already in the Full Cubase 10.52.0 Full install?

That’s all of it.

Thanks so I’m covered with the installed - Cubase pro -n full 10.5.20 package -that covers all that is included with Pro 10.5

(no further addons, vst or packs to add - sorry just double cecking i havent missed anything :slight_smile:

Everything is included in the full installer. For anything else from the download assistant, you will need a separate license for it.

  • GClip and JScope 3rd party VSTs, Cubase lack of that two

Don’t know why you mention these as they are 3rd party plugins and has nothing to do with Cubase.