Cubase 10 Pro Will Be Perfect for Game Music Composition If...

The arranger track/feature could get the ability to play pre-entry and exit parts (tails) of a part (just like in Wwise).

So e.g.:

I have made three different versions of a loop (A1, A2, A3) that continous in a game to one of three random other versions (B1, B2, B3).

But if I test this in the arranger track, the playback immediately goes to B1/B2/B3 and doesn’t play the tail of the A1/A2/A3.

This ability would make Cubase THE composition DAW to use, if doing game music (and one wouldn’t have to use e.g. Elias or Reaper).

I really hope this will be implemented, the arranger track is otherwise such a nice thing for game music composition - it only needs this to be perfect!

Cheers, Jonas Foged Kristensen

I’d love this feature as I have that problem right now.



Maybe I’m misunderstanding?


well yeah, I know the functionality of the arrangement track perfectly and I didn’t get what the OP said.

imo they should put jump mode in more than one place, and it should be three buttons instead of a menu with shortcut keys for both because this is the third time at least I’ve come across someone who has been unaware of jumpmode.

Read the manual when you come across areas of the program that you want to use, you will find a lot you didn’t know even when you think you know everything at face.

Unfortunately you completely misunderstood. I did read the manual. Several times. Jump mode is used to time a transition between parts. What I am suggesting/want is that when changing parts, there should be an option to have the tail of a part (that is an amount of time/bars/beats) play simultaneously with the next part. So e.g. if you have a part that has a huge reverb, and then you go to a different part somewhere in your arrangement, you wouldn’t want this reverb cutoff. This is the primary part of how game music works in eg Wwise or FMOD.

It should also be possible to export arranger chains with an optional tail per part transition.

+1 for Tail Size options to the Arranger track events!

The best would be if there was an “Automatic Tail Size Detection”.
Otherwise, a manually entered Tail size + another Fadeout Tail section, to avoid any abrupt cutoff.

Also, +1 for exporting Arranger Chains (including Tails).

Not only for game music, by the way… it’s very useful for any music involving the Arranger Track.