Cubase 10 Pro - Windows 10 Pro - GUI Bugs (collection)

Sample Track Editor > Filter Envelope AMT value messed up

(see in the replies)

Studio Setup > ASIO Interface Settings (minor bug, but was fixed in 9.5.41 and now it is back)

(see in the replies)

Mixer (F3) Channel Overview > Filter Channel Types not reflected in Channel Overview (only if Channel Overview is disabled and enabled again from the Setup Window Layout)

All Channels > Channel Overview shows all channels

Only Group Channels (same with any other filter selection) > Still all channels showing

Disable / Enable Channel Overview > Reflects the Filter Channel Selection

Again made all channels visible > Channel Overview still only showing the previous (Group Channels) filter selection
Disable / Enable the Channel Overview again > Now it is showing the correct filtered channels (here all).

As buggy as Cubase is, so is the forum
All my attachements got messed up
Now they are removed
Tried different browsers, all the same

Added files now as reply

I’m having some problems also.
I’m using Cubase 10 Pro on Windows 10.

Having exac same issues as @beabesada.

Diferently from Steinberg team I feel I know them product better then them self. All GUI issues are for the reason that Steinberg is a German company and they dont know the diference between the word updater and upgrader. Sadly they have no english friends who can explain and english dictionaries are forbidden.

Easy fix - always preform clean install on Steinberg softwares. Never ever do the Upgrade, when they write update and upgread, they dont know what they mean. They hire programmers and tell them to build upgread, but actually they meant update and they post it as updater :slight_smile: Uninstall all your steinberg older versions and delete all hidden content folders wich will still remain after you uninstall - always when you go from one version to another.

Common locations (probably not all, but will do the fix):
They all got inside common folder named Steinberg and inside there are Cubase folders you should delete before clean install.

Program Files
Program Data (hidden)
Users / AppData / Local

Sadly thats all so tricky if Steinberg would just use a little brain and do it more easy or simply build the stuff works as intended. For this reason never ever install plugins into default or Steinberg folders - keep your plugins with separate folders, perhaps on other drive and just spot Cubase to search also your custom vst folder on Cubase VST Plugin Manager. I heard in Germany they buy cars with body and engine separate and its so obviousy that everyone will put it together at home by itself.