Cubase 10 Pro - WOW !

After a long time I decided to download the Cubase 10 pro trial. I’ve been in version 8 all this time. WOW!

It’s absolutely sublime. Gorgeous. Stable (so far). It’s completely reignited my enjoyment and musical creativity. The chord track, sampler track, new layout without floating windows everywhere, groove agent, the list goes on.

I know there’s a lot of people with gripes and no doubt I will probably have some of my own that will pop up the more I get into it. But wow this daw has become a beast. Yet refined too. Everything seems to be well thought out and in it’s right place. I’m not running into hardly any issues re usability and work flow. It’s absolutely gorgeous to look at. I haven’t pushed it to any extremes yet so I may have troubles yet to come but my 2016 MacBook Pro hasn’t spluttered crashed or kicked in it’s fans at all yet with a moderate sized project. I’m almost confused as to where they could possibly go next with this. As it has so much already.

What a pleasure so far. Just wanted to share this somewhere.

Agreed. I’ve been very happy with it here as well. Of course there are still features on my wish list - and hardware insert delay compensation STILL does not work correctly for me - and it’s been like 10 years. Also, I’d like to be able to put the project notepad in the right pane, but overall, I’m very happy with Cubase. It’s a truly excellent product.

I don’t use much hardware so I guess haven’t encountered as many downsides there as others have. But the more I used Cubase 10 the more I think it is an absolutely insanely powerful and creative all in one daw solution. It’s a work of art. And this is from someone who left to use logic instead after there were so many Mac issues. They all seem to have now gone.