Cubase 10 - problem Freezing track - OUT OF SYNC

I’m trying to freeze some tracks in a large complex mix project, and every time I freeze a track, it’s suddenly out of sync with the rest of the music. As soon as I unfreeze, it’s perfectly in sync again… Freeze does not appear to be working correctly in Cubase 10.

This project is very large and complex - many, many tracks… a UAD quad card running almost maxed (90% or so), and many instances of DMG Equilibrium as well - some of them high latency versions…

Still, the track I’m trying to freeze is a mono track with ONE single plugin on it - the UAD Massive Passive EQ.

Very frustrating…


How much out of sync is it? Is it question of few ms or more? Can you try on a track with different plug-in?

I’ll try it again next time I’m in the studio… The delay was really significant though – I’m guessing probably a couple hundred milliseconds. More soon.

I just tried freezing in the same project running nothing other than a single instance of the UAD cambridge EQ… The kick drum… and it’s completely out of sync with everything as soon as I freeze…

Keep in mind, this project has MANY instances of high-latency equilibrium EQ plugins running on many different tracks, groups, effect channels, etc… It’s pretty much pushing my computer to the max… Still, everything plays perfectly fine and perfectly in sync… Freeze is ALWAYS out of sync though, so nothing can be frozen… freeze cannot be used in this project.

I haven’t tried Cubase 10.0.15 yet… will try soon…


I’m thinking if it would be possible to slim it down to find the real issue.


Today I had similar issue after freezing instrument track in Cubase Pro 9. I have frozen around 40 different tracks but only this one was out of sync. I realised that this track was starting out of the project (before bar 1). That probably happened during recording process. I cut it from left hand side to match timeline and problem is gone.

Hope that helps

I’m having the exact same issue with Cubase 11. When I freeze vst, the frozen version is way out of time. I’ve got a a few instances of fabfilter pro q running with linear phase and max latency, but the thing that we have in common is UAD. I’m running an x4.

Hi everyone,

I’m having a similar issue. I have a significant delay when I freeze tracks.
I did a 5 sec video showing the problem:

Thanks in advance for any help :pray: