Cubase 10 Re-Install - Is It Safe To Do So?

I’ve been battling random crashes with Cubase for months now. I also use the MR816CSX interface, and thought maybe it was causing the crashes, since they seem to be related to the multiple digital outs and ins I utilize in my summing chain.

I updated the MR firmware recently, and I then opened and closed multiple projects for a few days straight with no issues at all, so I thought maybe that fixed it. Then, this morning when opening the exact same song(s) as last night,… crash! I had to close and re-start my pc multiple times before I could get everything to load properly without crashing.

Steinberg support suggested I uninstall and reinstall Cubase,… saying I may have a corrupt installer file. Since I’ve never done this, is it safe to do so while in the middle of an album project? I’m just skeptical, thinking that after the reinstall Cubase won’t recognise, or not load the project files that were recorded already. Will the “path” be the same on everything after the reinstall?

Also, should I uninstalled all of the previous versions of Cubase? I’ve already gone in and renamed them all, as per Steinberg support, so as to make sure it wasn’t the preferences causing the crashes.


You should be fine reinstalling CB. If you are using all your versions of CB and are experiencing the same problem then replace all of them. Otherwise, just reinstall the version you use most. I would save the prefs just in case that wasn’t your problem but use the fresh prefs initially.
All the info to make your songs load correctly are in the CPR song files so you should have no problems as long as all your paths to your audio files are the same. I always make sure my audio files are in the same folder as the CPR file so they’re easy to locate in the event that a folder is moved.
Good luck.