Cubase 10 - Routing Click To Cue Send?

I’ve read all I can find on this, and still can’t figure it out. I use cue sends for headphone mixes while recording, but also want the click in the cue mix. The click is currently only present through my monitors, because it is by default routed to my main mix, and I use a different set of outs for my cue mix.
I’ve tried creating a 2nd output and then selecting the particular cue send outs, but then those outs are no longer available for the cue send I’m using (hope that makes sense).

I’m playing and recording the drum tracks, so I need to program the click with a long pre count before recording starts to give me time to get behind the kit. Therefore I need to hear the click in the headphones.

My cue send is using outs 7 & 8. Is it even possible to route the internal click to those outs? So far all I can do is render the click to an audio file, and then blend it into my cue mix. The only way to then accomplish my pre count, is to insert silence at the beginning and then copy the audio click file there,…a huge pita.


Simply activate it for the desired cue send in CR

are you using control room?

Yes he is.