Cubase 10 - Separating Snare Ghost Strokes?

I’m currently editing live drums. The snare track has ghost strokes that I want to process separately from the main hits. I’ve seen some ProTools tutorials that show how to “extract” the ghost strokes and put them on a separate track.

Can Cubase do this? When using “detect silence” it only can extract the main hits. ProTools is able to do both, and doing this manually will take forever.


Send both the full SN track and the track with the loud hits only at 0 dB gain into a group and phase reverse the track with the loud hits only. There are your ghost notes :slight_smile:


Sounds plausible, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

Just tried it and it didn’t work. I know if two tracks are identical and the phase is reversed on one it’s supposed to completely cancel, or null, but it isn’t,…weird.