Cubase 10 stability promlem after Win Update

Hello All,

Since I have installed the latest Win10 update, my Cubase (10.0.50 Pro) has been getting really unstable. I have performance problems, and yesterday I had three blue screen of deaths when I changed my soundcards buffer size.
My soundcard is a first gen Scarlett 2i4.
It may be a driver issue because these issues happen every time after a Win update.
The only soultion I found is to uninstall and reinstall the soundcard driver. (I use the latest one)
Does anyone have the same issue and maybe has a better soultion? Because it’s getting a bit annoying to reinstall the soundcard driver every time after a Win update.

Hi and welcome,

A blue screen is mostly hardware related. I would recommend to reinstall the Audio Device driver. Maybe even other drivers (graphics card).

Actually, I would recommend to install Windows 10 from scratch as a clean installation.