Cubase 10 - Strangest Behavior EVER!

I opened up a project last night and noticed that even though I could hear audio, non of the faders were having any affect on volume. I also could see no meter activity, yet could still hear audio.

I checked all output configurations in the control room, and nothing had changed. As an experiment while playing back a soloed track, I used the mute tool, and it muted as expected. Paying back the same track, fader down,…no meter activity, yet I could still hear the audio.

I even selected “no bus” on the routing output, but could still hear audio?! It was getting late and I just gave up and shut it all down. Haven’t had time yet for more trouble shooting. I do have the latest version of Cubase installed. I’m using the MR816CSX as my interface, so perhaps it’s the culprit?

Any ideas what could be causing this wacky behavior?


Could you have a hidden track or tracks?

It might be possible that you are monitoring directly through the MR software.

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Some plugins that record audio can be a bit confusing to use in that regard , Melodyne for example.

Hi all

Just a thought, I once had this happen and didn’t realize I had opened 2 projects but the active one wasn’t the one I had in focus. So when I hit play there was sound, but of course nothing was showing any activity at all, as I say, just a thought😊.

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Well, I feel quite stupid! In the control room monitoring section, I’d inadvertently engaged the “Cue” button, as opposed to the “mix” button,…so I was monitoring the cue sends instead of the actual mix itself. All is functioning normally now. Whew! Lol


It’s always good to hear how a story ends, it doesn’t matter that it was user error, we all do it from time to time. Knowing what the cause was is useful for all.

Just a few minutes ago I had one of those WTF moments only to realise that I had two instances of Console 1 on the same channel, this was not good as the software can’t correctly integrate the channel numbers. It was easily done as I had imported that audio track and settings from another project and then added Console 1 across the board though it was already in place on the import. So, that’s one more thing I have now learned to check.

Great that the problem is solved :slight_smile:

Don’t feel stupid, I sometimes get stuck on something where I think it’s Cubases fault and it turns out to be mine, last night I was trying to add a midi note to a drum part, I put it in but it wouldn’t sound must have spent 20 minutes on it trying different ways but just could not get it to sound I was convinced Cubase was a t fault.

Turned out that I had selected a muted track drum part in a track directly above the one I thought I was editing.

I have done this. :blush: