Cubase 10 to Cubase 12

I am working on C10 and I want to upgrade to C12.

I want to know if after upgrading to C12, I can get also the license of C11 in my elicenser dongle. If it’s possible, please tell me what I should do.



Yes, there will be Cubase 11 (non-upgradable) license at your USB-eLicenser. So you can use Cubase 11, 10.5, 10… with the USB-eLicenser.

Thanks Martin

What is the procedure to install these licenses at the USB-elicenser after upgrading to C12?


No procedure needed. Cubase 11 license is going to be added automatically during the license update.

Great! Thanks!

Just make sure to run the download manager as that will update the e-licenser software and install the new licensing software automatically for you.

When it comes to doing the upgrade it will make it much smoother if you have those updated first.


So the steps are:
1- purchase the license
2- open download manager to download C12 and update the elicenser dongle
Is it correct?

I’d open the download manager first (i.e. do it now) so you know everything is updated, personally. Just opening it will check for downloads and update e-licenser center and install the new licensing software.

You don’t need to do anything other than let it update, really.

Then when you purchase you should be guided through the steps to update to C12, without any distractions of needing to download software between steps. The code you get, you just enter into the download manager.

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Thanks alot @skijumptoes