Cubase 10 Trail Version ?

Hi, when can we expect there to be a trail version of Cubase 10 available?

Yes, I’ve been waiting for that version I can use while riding my horse and rolling a Bull Durham…


In the meantime a Trial version would be good (then maybe a trial of the trail version?)

You have to wait 'till the Beta phase is over… :frowning:

…but it’s gonna take a while I think…

Wait! Is this not still a beta?

Strange… It looks like that…

I hate check this site 30 times in day. Give date annonce trial version

The trial date is never announced in advance.

It is usually about four weeks after the full release…though there was one that was a lot later ( a lot of bugs that year?).

Trial date is never announced because they want to fix things first, which, depending on type of bugs may take some time. The release the demo when they release the first update (the demo being a new compiled version of Cubase)

Highly likely the trial version will be here any day, based on prior release patterns. If I were a betting man, I’d say the trial will be here this week. Worst case scenario, next week.

Yes, I expect it to be soon too though bear in mind that the trial for version 8 took 3 months to be released!