Cubase 10 trial screwed up my Pro 9. Unacceptable.

I installed and used the Cubase Pro 10 trial for the full trial period and uninstalled it after, but a lot of its stuff seems to still be there, since my legit Cubase Pro 9 tries to load these content files every time it starts:

My “Programs and Features” list in Windows 10 does not list these, so I cannot uninstall them. How do I get rid of this?

Besides the fact that the prompt is really annoying, the Cubase 10 trial replaced the old Cubase 9 Groove Agent with its new one. When I uninstalled Cubase 10, I not only had to reinstall Cubase 9 to get Groove Agent back in the first place (and yes, the reinstallation didn’t solve the above problem), but also all my GA tracks in my projects were gone! Which means all of the sound design, sample layering, settings etc. I did inside GA is now simply lost.

At least I’m kinda lucky I had finished all client projects by then, or I would’ve been screwed. Steinberg should at least warn existing users how their product trials can mess with their previous versions. This is such unprofessional and short-sighted programming, I’ve been a Cubase user for 12 years and things like this suck badly.

Just experienced this today… Unacceptable behavior by Steinberg! So frustrating!

I had the same thing but its fixable.
Uninstall + install everything GA.