Cubase 10 trying to open app - **The application “Cubase” can’t be opened.**

Ok I have had Cubase 10 for years, it is registered to me I have the e license USB. I need to retrieve some midi and audio from some projects but when I try to open the app I get
The application “Cubase” can’t be opened.

Can someone give me instructions on what to do here?

I’m on A Mac running 12.6.5

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Make sure you have the correct version and edition installed. Do you own Pro edition? Did you install 10.0 not 10.5?

Far as I remember I have 10.0 installed how can I check? I have not been in Cubase for at least 3 years. Plz advize R


How is the application on your Desktop named, please?



OK. Obviously you are on Mac.

Is the USB-eLicenser plugged in and can you see Cubase 10 Pro licence in it?

Its plugged in I do not see it on desktop.


What you don’t see, please? What do you mean by it here, please?

When I plug the e licenser usb in I do not see it on my desktop . I have my preferences set to see all drives and USBs


You cannot see the USB-eLicenser in the Desktop. Start eLCC application, please. Can you see the USB-eLicenser there?

Ok I remember the licenser in applications I opened and had to download an update, I did that now it asks for a code where do I find that?


If you are using the USB-eLicenser, the licence is stored in it. You don’t need the coffee anymore. Can you see the USB-eLicenset icon in the left side of the eLCC?

Any way I can send screenshots here?


Drag and drop the file to the window, please.


Thank you for the screenshot. This should work. Could you please attach the screenshot of the error message to know, where does it come from (system, Cubase, eLCC)?


This is the system (Finder) message. How did you install Cubase, please?

Good question, I would think it was thru the Steinberg website I downloaded a .dmg It was at least 4 years ago.


OK I see there is a new way to Download Cubase here is where I am now as I’m downloading a fresh install of Cubase 10 let me see how far I get and I will reply with results