Cubase 10 update

Hi :slight_smile:
Just wondering when a update for Cubase 10 is coming out? Guess everyone at Steinberg is working hard behind the scenes

Who knows, we all want an update for this since its unusable for most people.

It’s not unusable for most people. This is a forum to help people work through issues they have with Cubase. People without problems for the most part, don’t visit the forum so it’s no surprise theres a bunch of new posts when an update is released.

You’ve got no idea of the numbers of people who are running cubase 10 without problems so why make up false statements like this?

I for one don’t have any problems.

Congrats for not having any problems. Seeing that how many people that havent found this forum and how many people here that have lots of different problems. I have never had a release before that work as poorly as this one.

Hi all

Working great for me

I do feel that Steiny get blamed for problems that are often hardware related, it must be unbelievably difficult to cope with all the variables, and that goes for all the DAW manufacturers who all have different problems yet all manage to produce software that works, albeit differently in each case. None of ‘em are perfect

Best Regards, Dave

Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:
While my post is not to further irritate people,who are having problems.
In between working ,I have found Cubase to be running smoothly for me also. I was just wondering when an update would be released.
Of course appreciate how complex any DAW software can be to develop and code.

I’m going to say next week… very latest, week after that.

Ok thanks appeciated

All good here.
I suppose i’m not part of the we. Which is a good thing.

Confirmed, this week.

Just as solid as 9.5 for me :slight_smile:

Do you guys use any 3rd party plugins or just the ones that comes with cubase?

Working flawless here my only comment is the color customization that needs an upgrade

I use third party plugins and even use the old virtual guitarist with a wrapper and they all work fine

C10 is working fine here. While I may question some design choices (color menu I’m talking to you), it is all pretty much working as designed & stable.

I use plenty of 3rd party plugins. For VSTi NI, Play, Garritan, AAS, BFD and one-off misc. For signal processing beyond Steinberg - UAD, NI, Waves, various misc.