Cubase 10 Upgrade Question

I was about to download the trial version of Cubase 10 just to make sure it runs properly on my PC. I am now on Windows 10.

Currently, I am running Cubase 7. The instructions I read for the Cuabse 10 trial said that after the trial is over, I will have to reinstall my old version of Cubase 7. I was always under the impression that you could run multiple versions of Cubase if you wanted to.

I am definitely not reinstalling Cubase 7. I’m not even sure I still have the install files and I doubt there is anywhere to even get them from today.

So can I download the Cubase 10 trial and run it for 30 days, purchasing after or even before if I find it runs fine and still keep Cubase 7 and not have to reinstall Cubase 7?


Download the full installer and you can have both versions installed next to each other.

I’m confused. Isn’t the trial version the full installer?

This is right off the page…

For the Cubase Pro trial version, you require a USB-eLicenser. If you don’t already own a USB-eLicenser, you can get one from the Steinberg Online Shop or from your local dealer.

Please notice: If you already have Cubase 10 or an earlier version installed, you will be required to re-install your version after the Cubase 10.5 trial period has expired and a permanent license for Cubase 10.5 hasn’t been activated. Please note that projects created or saved with Cubase 10.5 may not be fully compatible with Cubase 10.

So is this incorrect? I don’t want to have to install Cubase 7 all over again.

The email I got with the activation code says the same thing.

The trial version is the full installer BUT there have been reports of people not having earlier versions work properly after the 10.5 trial has completed if you don’t go for getting the full paid for update.

You certainly can run both versions side by side but it does appear they’re suggesting you may have to reinstall the older version. This is not something that’s been mentioned before as far as I’m aware.

The complete version 7 is available here BTW:

Thanks. That pretty much clinches it for me. Reinstalling 7 means I lose all my settings, everything. I bought 7 in 2013. That’s a lot of customization gone.

Guess I’ll stick with 7.

You can make a backup of your Cubase 7 preferences folder “just in case”.

It is strange that they say you have to reinstall the previous version. I’m curious as to why … :confused:

Also, just out of more curiosity, why are you “definitely not reinstalling Cubase 7”? It’s a pretty common thing to do after, for example, a fresh operating system reinstall. I’ve done it several times.

Still, the reinstallation of a previous version thing baffles me a bit …

Actually, I don’t think this is true. Uninstalling and even reinstalling doesn’t change the preferences and settings folders, so when you reinstall, it just uses the old settings. Which is why to truly RESET the preferences, you just DELETE the setting folders and it recreates them at the next start up.
But, either way, still always a good idea to make a copy of the preferences folders.

Because reinstalling software is a royal PITA. I hate doing it and avoid it at all costs unless I have no choice. So if I can get 10 and keep 7 and not have to reinstall anything, I’m good to go. Otherwise, I can just keep on using 7 until I have no choice such as a VST I want doesn’t run in 7. I know it’ll happen eventually.

Okie dokie … I didn’t realize it was so difficult. :confused:

You will not lose your settings, the preferences for the different versions are stored separately.
As stated above you could always copy your preferences folder to make sure.

Version 10.5 is very different from 7, there’s been so many big improvements along the way.
I don’t personally have an issue with re-installing software but each to their own.

It is strange that Steinberg are now suggesting this re-installation step as they never have before.

This is the email I got from support just now.


You will want to fully uninstall Cubase 10.5 because of the content it brings over. You will get errors when you return to 7 after 30 days.


Steinberg US Support

So it appears that it takes stuff from Cubase 7 install and doesn’t put it back and you get errors going back to 7.


I recently purchased the upgrade from my 9PRO to 10.5PRO but cannot get it to install.

Note that up until now (Version 9) I always downloaded onto the computer I have attached to the internet and then transferred it to my recording computer which I never wanted attached and is running Windows 7 Premium,
This is after updating my ELicenser “stick”.
This time it didn’t seem to allow me to do that so I went through the trouble of attaching my recording computer.
After 3 days of attempts including installing email on it so I could just click on the link provided in my email and then most recently removing all the old versions of Cubase, it still won’t install the downloads which show the WINZIP:SDA version (21 GB) or using the ARIA2.
The latest version 10.5.2 is showing up on my elicense…

??? !