Cubase <10 video problem in Catalina

I have old Cubase 8 and 11. In the matter of upgrading a OSX system I chose do it from High Sierra to Catalina. One thing that I did not expected is that importing and playing video is not available in old Cubase…I have 11 why do I use 8? For many reasons about stability, performance and my sophisticated scripts in Keyboard maestro are set up with old Cubase.

I found one way to get back video without creating damn virtual OSX. Unfortunately you cannot use old video player anymore (you can put videoengine.bundle from to C8 and use import video feature again :), but video player is not showing)

I use VidPlayVST and it is pretty damn good for video. I will continue in searching for re-able video player for Cubase <10.

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Of course, this combination of component and Cubase has never been tested. To do so is on your own risk.