Cubase 10+ w/ Older ReWire (Reason) Files

I get a pop-up message when opening the Cubase file that says, “Remove tracks that could not be connected?” These tracks obviously the ReWire channels from the Reason file. I just want to confirm, are these connections lost for good? When I look at the ReWire setup all of these channels are selected. I open the Reason file and none of the instruments in Reason can be selected from the drop-down box. I figure it’s a lost cause but might as well ask…


I’m getting this issue on all my Rewire projects now. Before the recent 10.5.12 update Cubase would remember the Rewire Setup selections. Now everytime I launch Cubase all is unchecked, so work around now is
Launch C10 first (no project) start Rewire
then load projects, then message should not appear.