Cubase 10 - Wildly Varied Crashes

I am almost done with Steinberg. I own Cubase 10 Pro and Dorico 4 Pro and I have never seen such bug-ridden pieces of software before! It’s unbelievable how Steinberg is allowed to go on releasing such poorly written products. This would be unacceptable in any other area except, it seems, the music industry. And no, I don’t want to erase my preferences folder, or go on a quest for some dll lost to god. You charge premium for your software, your service should be premium!

After a few weeks without using Cubase, I opened it only to find it being stuck on ‘initializing video’ bit of the loading screen. I tried updating my video card, reading online, erasing the preferences folder (g****mnit!) and none of that works. Sometimes the program starts, sometimes it doesn’t, but it always ends up crashing at any point.

I’ve also noticed that it no longer remembers my Plugins folders properly, and I have to keep updating it whenever I open the program.

My next step is reinstalling, but I’ve decided to post this and see if Steinberg has any real solutions to the problems they’re causing their clients.

Well, first of all this is not where to reach Steinberg tech support, more of a user forum. But there are many experts here.

I’m replying to say that reinstalling is not a fix-all, because it does not re-initialize the software. I suggest you save yourself the trouble of doing that until you know for certain that a component is missing or broken, which is unlikely.

Renaming the Prefs folder or starting in Cubase Safe Mode with disabled preferences is a necessary troubleshooting step, not necessarily a fix.

If you would like some help here some info would be needed from you.

First, whether you believe or not, you should rule out preference problems, by starting up once in safe mode. So do so, and reply with the result, and

  • OS Version (I suppose you are on Windows, since you mention .dll’s )
  • Cubase 10 specific version
  • Elicenser Control Center version number
  • upload crash logs if you have them from the last time you tried to run Cubase. (/Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps/)