Cubase 10, Windows 10 and multi-core (14+ cores)

Asus x299-A MOBO
64 GB Fury DDR4 2666
EVGA 1080 ti FTW3
Intel i9 7900x 10-core CPU
Cubase 10 pro

OK. I have been troubleshooting for weeks. Cubase 10 pro consistently and catastrophically crashes the whole system when overclocking beyond 4.3 GHZ on the 7900x.

The crashes seem random, but they happen anywhere from 1-5 minutes into a session. I have several plugins and vsts loaded to stress test, but the cpu% in task manager is like 34% tops. The temperatures don’t go above the low 60s. Yet inevitably, if I have an overclock of even 4.4 ghz, the system black screens and I have to power cycle to get it back online.

This looks as though the CPU gets a temperature spike and shuts itself down. However, I don’t see such a spike on the monitor, and all games, apps and other media are stable at 4.5 Ghz. The only instance of instability in the whole system is Cubase 10 pro.

When I run it at 4.3 Ghz, which is the max factory turboboost frequency, it’s stable.

However, I’d really like to take full advantage of this computer, and like I said, up to 4.5 GHZ is stable for everything else, and temperature/CPU readings are normal in cubase.

One interesting thing, when I look at “resource monitor,” and I see all 20 cores(10 physical cores), “core 15”'s usage is SPIKED the whole time cubase is on, but the other ones fluctuate. Core 15, whichever physical core that is, seems to be Cubase’s favorite. I’m not a tech guy so I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I figured I’d mention it.

I also took this computer to a tech and he ran a diagnostic. All the hardware is working properly. there is no faulty hardware on my end.

I’m about to test cubase 9.5 with 4.5 GHz and see if that’s stable, or if this is a problem in all versions of Cubase.

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