Cubase 10 Windows 10 Graphics Glitch

Hi I am having an issue with Cubase 10. The program works fine for a while then this strange graphics glitch happens. Its like the mouse does not line up with the buttons on screen so you have have to press above the buttons for them to register. Also the title bar of the project goes blank with no close option either. I have the latest graphics drivers installed and its a fresh windows 10 installation with all updates. Anyone else have this issue. I have posted a screen shot as well to show what happens to the title bar above the project. It is very annoying as I then have to close cubase and restart it again for it to fix the issue, then after sometime working on the project the same thing happens again.

Here is a video of what I mean.

Has noone had this issue?

Is nobody experiencing the same issue?

Same here I have

Intel HD Graphics 4600
16Gb Ram
Core i7

Cubase 10 graphics issue on my Win10 system with Intel HD Graphics: certain areas of mix console and channel settings window are constantly blacked out. For example, only enabled status buttons are drawn, but the other buttons are not. Why the hell, it’s the same graphics routine, isn’t it?

These issues did NOT happen with Cubase 9! Therefore I go on with C9 on a C10 license (!), but I hope this unnecessary issue will eventually be fixed soon.

No, actually. It can depend on the exact graphics system and drivers on your machine. Of course, were it the same, all users would be experiencing the issue.

It doesn’t matter, whether a button is green or red. It’s just a painted bitmap. So if my machine’s “exact graphics system and drivers” are able to paint the green button, they also are able to paint the red one. :neutral_face:

So if one of my customers would tell me, that all buttons but the red ones are painted, I shouldn’t tell him that’s the fault of his machine. It would rather be a helpful hint for me, that my program obivously handles the red button bitmaps in a different way than the rest. And therefore I would have a look at my source code and consider my graphics routine to paint all buttons the same way, to be as compatible as possible.

Hi Stephenuk!

Did you get any solution to this problem? Or anyone?

Hey there since version 10.5 the glitch has now gone