Cubase 10 with Waves VST3 not working. Help!

Hi All!

Need help!

I needed to reinstall my Cubase Elements 10 on my PC laptop. Now my Waves VST3 (V10) won’t work. I checked in Cubase, the VST Plug In Manager under the Studio menu, the Waves VST folder is properly referenced. The problem is when I go to the Inserts to use say a Waves Reverb, which does appear in the Inserts menu, when I click the Waves Reverb, nothing happens.

I have the same Cubase Elements 10 and the same Waves VST3 installed on a PC desktop and it works fine. Both the laptop and desktop use Cubase Elements version 10.0.60.

For installing Waves VST3 in my laptop, I have used Waves Central. Reinstalled a few times. All seems to be done right. Licenses are not an issue. With Waves, for reinstallations, if the same computer is used, no need to get a new license.

Don’t know what else to do. Would appreciate suggestions. I have sent this post to the Waves Forum as well.

Thank you in advance.


  1. try running Cubase plugin manager and “update info” / rescan? (I can’t remember the extact function. and it’s hidden under a little icon. but it’s there.)

  2. I find I have to run Waves Central with admin rights to get it to properly install/update plugins.

  3. Waves Central has a somewhat hidden function to uninstall all their plugins, under preferences I think. You could do that. Then rescan in Cubase. Then re-install waves. Might help?

  4. Waves is a bit weird because it puts one or two shell plugins in the VST directory, then all the actual plugins in another Waves directory. Check you haven’t broken this arrangement? Easiest way is to uninstall/reinstall.

Good luck!

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Hi Misnoma,

Thanks for the advice. Waves is working now. Something was corrupted with my Windows 10 Home during reinstallation but the assistance of the Waves people were top notch. If anyone has a problem like this, I highly recommend the Waves Tech for assistance.

Forums are great too :relaxed:

Thanks again Misnoma!