Cubase 10 won’t update from Cubase 9

I paid for the update from Cubase 9 to Cubase 10 and seemingly did everything correctly. I don’t see Cubase 10 and I still have Cubase 9 on my computer. Cubase 10 is nowhere to be found. The eLicenser dongle seems to be working correctly but where is Cubase 10? Do I need to first install Cubase 9.5? I am on Windows 10.

Also, the usb elicenser works for Cubase 9 just fine but when I go into the manager and look at what the the usb elicenser is configured for, it says CUBASE 10?!?! When I try to reinstall it, it allows groove agent and halion and other stuff to reinstall but it doesn’t allow the item titles Cubase 10. What is going on here?!

I downloaded the UPDATE and not the full install. Please help me. Please.